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Readers interact with books! Students read several tall tale books. Using the characteristics of the genre, they were asked to create a proof summary. Learners decided to publish the work on apps or websites using their ipod touches. Check out the work below!
Proof summary created using Story Kit.

Mathematicians discovered probability by rolling dice and collecting data.

Another reader used ClassPress to blog their proof summary. As a result, he will receive feedback from his classmates.

Some readers sent their summaries from the Notes feature via email.

John henry is a tall tale because he was a huge baby. An amazing thing
happend at birth he could lift a sluge hammer above his head at age
two. He battled forces of nature because he hammerd evrything in sight.
Nash and Sophie

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As writers, students are working in a fiction factory. It is a place where imaginations run free. Many authors decided to publish their final piece on their ipod touch. With their draft and ipod touch in hand, students were able to add text, images and their voice in minutes. The published work could be emailed, posted to the web and shared with their families at home or friends around the world.

This is a story shared with you by the StoryKit iPhone application.
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Similar to Wiffiti, wallwisher is a site where students can post their ideas.

As mathematicians, students found 3d images online. They identified the figure and counted the faces, edges and vertices. The investigation served as an engaging application of the skill as well as a valuable assessment. Uncovering student misconceptions was just as beneficial as discovering their understandings of the concept. See examples below:

Readers interacted with stories by asking questions as they read. iMindMap served as a tool to track their thoughts. After completing the map, students took screen shots of their work.