Create a learning environment where students are motivated, engaged, making connections and knowledge is readily accessible.

Established Goal:
Create a learning environment where students own the learning; where they are motivated and engaged; connected, both locally and globally; and are readily able to access information through the use of contemporary tools and resources.

Enduring Understanding:
Authentic learning occurs when students construct their own understanding; are motivated and engaged; connect with others; and when knowledge is highly accessible.

--personalize learning
--create a more student-centered classroom
--encourage real, authentic collaboration
--create links to the outside world

· Knowledge is constructed uniquely and individually in multiple ways.
· Learning is internally controlled and mediated by the learner.
· Social interaction introduces multiple perspectives.
· Knowledge is constructed through a variety of tools, resources, experiences, and contexts.
· Applied effectively, technology implementation not only increases student learning, understanding, and achievement but also augments motivation to learn, encourages collaborative learning, and supports the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills.
· Technology can give students more control over their own learning.

--Add something somewhere about the fact that the technology allows for choice

Essential Questions:
1. How is knowledge constructed?
2. What new ways of thinking are they developing and how do they demonstrate those ways of thinking?
3. What is better—richer, deeper—about their learning when using technology?
4. Who owns the learning?

Some more questions:
What kinds of things would you like to see in the class?
What kinds of information would be useful to you in persuading colleagues to adopt the iPod Touch?
What might you do to make the experiment a helpful one for everyone?
Did the students learn to use the tools that will foster lifetime learning?
How much overt teaching of the tool?
How does this affect metacognition?